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Both the audio and video versions of the show are posted there now. New editions will only be posted to MacVoices, though this site will remain intact for the indefinite future as an archive.

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MacVoices #13200: Adam and Tonya Engst Celebrate Ten Years of Take Control Books

Adam and Tonya Engst unveiled their first Take Control book ten years ago, in a world that was barely getting used to the idea of ebooks. Today, Take Control has influenced the way ebooks are created, and the standards to which they are held. In a bonus-length interview, Adam and Tonya talk about the origins of the […]

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Chuck Joiner, Ted Landau

MacVoices #13193: Ted Landau on iPad Choices, Mavericks Troubleshooting and Mac Pro Thinking

Ted Landau talks about his thinking on his thinking on the iPad Air vs. iPad mini with Retina and why he’s waiting until he can hold them both, then dives into Mavericks. Ted’s upgrade went smoothly, but there are always those annoying little issues. Deleting tags in Mavericks, dual display mode and using Gmail with Mail […]

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Chuck Joiner, Ted Landau

MacVoices #13186: Ted Landau Returns To Talk iPhone 5s, Apple TV, New iPad Expectations and More

Ted Landau is back from his travels, and catches us up on his experiences with the iPhone 5s hardware and iOS 7 software, what we can look forward to in the new iPads and why he likes the iPad mini. In lightning-round style, Ted takes on the Surface 2, Steve Balmer’s retirement, and more. This edition […]

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MacVoices #13182: Bryan Chaffin on Steve Balmer’s Retirement, Tim Cook as Rock Star and the new iPhones

MacNotable Bryan Chaffin is back to explain the newest developments with The Apple Context Machine, discuss Steve Balmer’s retirement and analyze the mystery of his tenure as Microsoft CEO. Office vs. iWork, the strategy behind the iPhone 5c, Tim Cook’s status as rock star and more all fall into line in Bryan’s thought-provoking discussion. This edition of MacVoices is […]

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