The MUG Center Advertising Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in advertising on our site. The MUG Center is the place to connect with the core of the Apple community: user group leaders and members. The audience for our site and The User Group Report internet radio show and podcast represents not just the average Mac user, but also the individuals who distribute information and influence opinions and purchasing decisions through a variety of channels both formal and informal.

We offer the following ad placement opportunities:

Ad tiles on the right ad bar on every page on the site.

  • 120 x 90 ad tile - first fold
  • 120 x 90 ad tile - second fold
  • 120 x 90 ad tile - third fold and lower

Other sizes can be are priced accordingly; virtually any vertical size can be accommodated; 125 is the maximum horizontal width.

Front page banner ad
raditional 468 x 60 banner placed at the bottom of the first "fold," under the top three news item lines.

Weekly MUG Center Briefing Email
Distributed weekly; summarizes the past week's news and highlights MUG events for the coming week

Text sponsorship blurb at the beginning of the Briefing email, in the form of "This edition of The MUG Center Briefing brought to you by..." with a brief product or service description and URL.

User Group Report internet radio show & podcast
Audio program that is produced weekly and made available for free for online listening, as MP3 download, as a podcast, and for user groups to distribute to their members via web link, copying at meetings or inclusion on group resource CDs or DVDs.

Each edition guaranteed to remain available online for up to 9 months

Show sponsorship - per edition, includes

  • Announcement of sponsorship and product at beginning and end of show
  • Inclusion of any sponsor-produced audio spots (up to 60 seconds)
  • Sponsorship designation (graphic or text and link) on the individual show web page.
  • Sponsorship designation (text and link) on the announcement of show availability on the front page of The MUG Center; stays on front page for two weeks.
Audio spot inclusion:
  • Up to 30 second spot
  • 30 - 60 second spot

We can work with you to produce audio spots for inclusion in the User Group Report, either by TMC staff or through a professional production house. Please contact us to discuss options and pricing.

Custom Packages, Multi-term optons, etc.
We can be completely flexible in working with you to develop custom packages, with components of any or all of the above options to suit your needs.

Discounts are available for multi-term commitments.

For questions or to take advantage of these opportunities, contact Chuck Joiner at, or call 717-877-2021.

We look forward to working with you.