MacVoices Briefing

MacVoices Briefing #1301 – Premiere Edition and PDF to Keynote

The MacVoices Briefing is the new show from MacVoices Group producer and host Chuck Joiner. In the first episode, Chuck introduces the new show, why it came to be, and what viewers and subscribers can expect to see. Then, as a sample, Chuck demonstrates PDF to Keynote, a small utility that solves the problem of moving multi-page PDFs into, […]

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Andy Ihnatko

MacNotables #1129: Andy Ihnatko on The State of Internet Video Delivery and Apple

Andy Ihnatko turns his attention to the changing landscape of television and what the Internet is and ins’t doing to it. Andy puts into perspective why everything that is happening is important but not widespread, what the networks and cable companies role is in the drama, and why the Apple TV is a transformative technology. […]

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Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus

MacNotables #1128: Bob LeVitus Plays Santa with Holiday Gift Ideas

Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus reaches into his Santa bag and pulls out some terrific holiday gift ideas for the tech-oriented..whether that’s you or someone you’re buying for. From music to video, gaming to clothing (yes, clothing), Bob has you covered. Bob also shares his plans for the upcoming Macworld | iWorld, and why you might […]

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Jim Dalrymple

MacNotables #1015: Jim Dalrymple Reviews One Million iPads, WWDC, His Review Philosophy and Anti-Trust Action Against Apple

Jim Dalrymple of The Loop provides his analysis on the impact of 1 million iPads sold and its impact on his way of doing things personal and professional. Jim also examines the issues (or are they?) around Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), how he fearlessly approaches product reviews, and all the questions surrounding the Flash/no-Flash […]

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MacNotables #1005: Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus on Incredible iPhone Apps for Dummies, Kindle Apps and What Makes Macworld Cool

Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus emerges from his secret authoring lair to talk about his new book, Incredible iPhone Apps For Dummies. Even though naming aiming the best iPhone apps is is a moving target project, Bob points out that a cool app is always cool, regardless of the competition, and names some of his favorites. […]

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MacNotables #929: Dennis Sellers on Steve Job’s Return, the Vizio Sound Bar and Changes at Macsimum News

Dennis Sellers delivers a balanced perspective on Steve Job’s return to work, medical disclosure and SEC regulations, reviews the Vizio Sound Bar for those who want surround sound without the wires and talks about the new face…er…voice of the Macsimum Podcast.

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MacNotables #910: Adam Engst Discusses Apple’s Quarterly Earnings, Netbooks and Why Apple’s Products Are A “Necessity”

Adam Engst discusses Apple’s once-again favorable quarterly results, how they happened, and how Carl Sagan figures in the conversation. (Hint: “billions and billions”) Along the way, Adam and Chuck discuss the relevance of netbooks, the Apple Stores, and how Apple products just may have moved from being a luxury to a necessity.

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MacNotables #823: Ted Landau Evaluates the XO Laptop

Subnotebooks come in all shapes, sizes and flavors, starting with the MacBook Air and going down. Ted Landau has been working with one of the least expensive options, the XO laptop from the “One Laptop per Child” initiative, and discusses how it stacks up to the competition. Ted covers everything from the XO’s operating system […]

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MacNotables #820: Bob LeVitus on Office 2008, His Upcoming Mid-Atlantic MUG Tour and More

Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus is back to tell us what rock he’s been hiding under and the project that put him there. Bob talks about his latest book, Office 2008 for Mac For Dummies, and gives us his bottom-line assessment of the latest version of the Microsoft productivity suite, and how each of the applications […]

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MacNotables #819: Adam Engst on 18 Years of TidBITS, Apple’s Quarterly Results and the Blue Snowflake Microphone

TidBITS is celebrating 18 years of Mac journalistic excellence, and Adam Engst talks about some of the things that make their publication special and how their style helped set trends in tech journalism. Age and experience changes perspective, and Adam explains how those factors affect what you read in TidBITS, how things have changed, and […]

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