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Tonya EngstTonya Engst, Senior Editor of TidBITS and Editor in Chief of Take Control EbooksTonya Engst is best known for co-founding TidBITS, an electronic newsletter and Web site about all things Macintosh, read weekly by tens of thousands of readers.

She has written several books about Microsoft Office and HTML, and many articles for publications such as Macworld and the .Mac online service. She has edited several books and has played a strong role in influencing the editorial style of TidBITS.

Currently, she primarily works on a sister project to TidBITS, serving as editor-in-chief for Take Control Ebooks, a series of electronic books that provides expert advice about real-world problems faced by computer users. Tonya lives in Ithaca, New York with her husband, Adam, and son, Tristan. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga and running.

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